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Produced by PLITZS™ Publishing – A Division of PLITZS™ Fashion Marketing, Inc.

PLITZS Magazine (Fashion and Lifestyle)

Introducing PLITZS™ Magazine (Fashion and Lifestyle) to Launch January 2020 – Four issues annually – One issue every three months or once a quarter. The magazine has been created for the growing millions of global Fashionistas who use a digital platform as a visual tool to consume fashion and lifestyle content.

The founder and creator of PLITZS™ Magazine (Fashion and Lifestyle), Wayne Shields based it’s founding on the ideology of Diversity in Style and Fashion. His core belief in providing an outlet for Diversity from all creative platforms is his number one priority. PLITZS™ Magazine will showcase an engaging creative synergy of Digital media which includes digital video, digital images, and digital audio. The magazine intends to steer clear of many of the negative stereotypes that perpetuate the media around Fashion and Lifestyle due to a lack of diversity.

PLITZS™ Magazine (Fashion and Lifestyle) look forward to providing unique, engaging and visually stimulating creative Fashion and Lifestyle content. Enjoy our quarterly digital magazine presentation.